Employee Benefit Plan Implementation Kit

Why a checklist?

This simple checklist will help you use Confirmation.com to streamline Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) confirmations. It will also help guide your client, the plan administrator, and their employees through the process to improve communication and responses.  

This checklist will offer documents you can download that will provide additional instructions on specific items as well as screen shots and walkthroughs. 

Step1.pngCommunicate to your client and the plan administrator the new process you will be using for EBP confirmations. Download a sample email here.  

Step2.pngProvide instructions to the plan administrator for communicating to their employees. Since some clients send their plan participants instructions via mail, while others send them via email, below are links for both scenarios.  

Step3.pngPerform your sample selection, decide what items you want to confirm, and prepare an excel template for you or your client to fill in the participant data. Below are sample excel templates for you to download. 


Step4.pngLog into Confirmation.com or create a username/password if you don't have a login. 


  • Use our Quick Start EBP Guide for the next steps. 
  • Add the client and authorized signer information. 
  • Add the participants by importing the excel sheet. 
  • Perform any necessary address verifications. 
  • Attach any necessary statements. 


Step5.pngObtain authorization signature and initiate confirmations. 


  • Download and send our Quick Start Client Authorization Guide to the plan administrator on how to digitally sign the authorization request. 
  • Send authorization request in Confirmation.com. 
  • Once authorization signature is received, initiate confirmations. 


Step6.pngTrack the status of confirmations. 


  • Review electronic confirmations received. 
  • Update any received by mail in Confirmation.com. 
  • Send second requests for all paper confirmations not completed after desired time. 
  • Initiate reminder for all electronic confirms not completed after desired time. 
  • Reconfirm any confirmations with conflicting or incorrect information. 


Step7.pngDownload and save confirmation records with audit file. 


Congratulations! You have completed the checklist.

If you have any other questions or need assistance with the above, please contact our customer support at 1-866-325-7201 or customer.support@confirmation.com