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Keep pace with technology changes in the audit profession

Automation of previously labor-intensive, manual processes is one example of the digitization wave that’s freeing audit professionals from routine and mundane activities, allowing them to devote more time to high-value, client-driven work as well as enabling remote audits. It's also helping teams manage staffing shortages and economic uncertainty.

Automating and improving audit quality doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it requires preparing your team to embrace new technology and continuously look for opportunities to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Thomson Reuters® Confirmation has partnered with L. Gary Boomer, CPA, CITP, CGMA, MAcc, to provide you tools to prepare for what comes next.

View a preview below, and download the full white paper to learn 5 ways to automate and improve the quality of your audits.

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2023 How to Improve Your Remote Audits with Automation-FINAL_Page_02
2023 How to Improve Your Remote Audits with Automation-FINAL_Page_03

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