Unlocking Financial Trust

Our new white paper, developed in partnership with the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), discusses the role of bank references in establishing credit worthiness and how to avoid potential risk when extending credit. 

Credit managers are the

professional investigators of the financial world

Your primary task is to examine and scrutinize a customer’s financial history and behavior to assess creditworthiness. Just like detectives, you meticulously gather data from various sources, such as credit reports, financial statements and bank references, piecing together the financial puzzle.

The hunt for credit information in B2B trade has evolved, but bank references remain a timeless and irreplaceable tool for assessing creditworthiness. Find out why bank references have become even more imperative when dealing with high-risk customers, large dollar amounts and customers with large loan payments.


Avoid risk

and make informed credit decisions

As a credit investigator, you must explore all avenues for information in order to avoid surprises. Find out how in our free white paper. 

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